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Instructional Software Recommendation 

by Jim Garcia

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Evaluation Sheet

1. Citation and General Information:

History of Jazz                                                                                              
none listed
Zane Publishing Company
The History of Jazz  from 1800s to 1996
Not listed.  However, material would be appropriate for middle school general music, grades 7 or 8 or a review for a high school general music class..
Class applications
Classroom General Music: lab.
Description:  The program could be used as a supplemental resource in a History of Jazz course.

Both PC and  MacIntosh
Necessary Peripherals:

2.  Instructional Content:

Musical Content
The program contains numerous sound recordings and pictures of renowned Jazz artists such as Benny Good, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and others.  The sound examples were approximately thirty seconds in duration.
The program begins with an introduction and continues moving in a historical sequential pattern, and the program runs continuously with no convenient stopping points to pause during the presentation of information.

There are icons in which a student can click and a multiple choice question appears. The question was linked to the information from the screen the program was presenting at the time the student clicked the icon.  Another icon brings up a dictionary with terms and information the student could to review.
Instructional Mode
The program was similar to a tutorial, but was not interactive.
Program Structure
Student Directed .  Though the program runs continously, students were able to decide whether or not they wish to review the questions that were available for the screen that was displayed.
Sequence of Materials The rate of information was very quick and brief.  The information was more of an overview with many important aspects of Jazz history that were not discussed.   The sequence of information progresses from the beginning of Jazz to the present.
Pace of Instruction
I thought the pace was too quick and the information too brief before the program moved to another subject area.  There was no time for the student to reflect on information that was presented unless the student paused the program.
Quality of Interaction
Poor.  Very little interaction by the student.
Summary Comments
The information provided in this program would serve as an Overview of Jazz history.  However, I would find it difficult to use in the classroom because there are no convenient stopping points to break down the course into units.  

3.  Record Keeping:

Method of Record Keeping:
Summary Comments:

4. Overall Evaluation:

The program reminds me of watching a documentary about the History of Jazz on the Discovery Channel.  A lot of information was covered over a short span of time.  There would be little interaction by the student because the program was not designed as a tutorial.  The absence of convenient stopping points would make it difficult for the teacher to use this program as part of  lesson.  The program could serve as a reference or supplementary resource that a student could use.  However, I thought the students would become bored after five minutes of viewing the program.