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WebQuest Evaluation 

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This template is based on version 1.03 of the WebQuest Rubric as modified by Laura Bellofatto, Nick Bohl, Mike Casey, Marsha Krill, and Bernie Dodge and last updated on June 19, 2001.

Name:   Jim Garcia Date:   April  20, 2003
Title WebQuest Evaluated:  Music Adventur: A Web-Quest for Music Education Students by Jolene Oswald
URL of WebQuest Evaluated:

Score Explanation

Overall Aesthetics (This refers to the WebQuest page itself, not the external resources linked to it.)

Overall Visual Appeal
(0-4 pts.)

4  Overall appearance was good.  The graphics on the page were appealing to the eye.  The number of graphics were the right amount to create interest and did not make the screen appear cluttered.
Navigation & Flow
(0-4 pts.)
4  Outstanding.  The flow of information and screens were very logical and there were several links that enabled the student to return to the top of the page.
Mechanical Aspects
(0-2 pts.)
2  Outstanding.  The screen size fit the computer display without interruptions to the visual images (note: web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0)


Motivational effectiveness of Introduction (0-2 pts.)

2 Very effective.  I thought the introduction that described the task of the web-quest would be appealing to the students.

Cognitive effectiveness of the Introduction
(0-2 pts.)

Fair.  The description of the task described in the introduction was good.  However, after reading the information I wondered if students would have difficulty understanding the assignment.  As a music educator, I understand the task that would need to be completed.  However, I thought students may require additional help by a teacher.

Task (The task is the end result of student efforts... not the steps involved in getting there.)

Connection of Task to Standards
(0-4 pts.)


I thought there was a direct connection to the natianal standards. The national standard(s) that applied to this web-quest were:
Content Standard 9: Understanding music in relation to history and culture
  Achievement Standard:
     a. describe distinguishing characteristics of representative music genres and styles from a variety of cultures.
     b. classify by genre and style (and, if applicable, by historical period, composer, and title) a varied body of exemplary (that is, high-quality and characteristic) musical works and explain the characteristics that cause each work to be considered exemplary.
     c. compare, in several cultures of the world, functions music serves, roles of musicians, 7 and conditions under which music is typically performed

Cognitive Level
of the Task
(0-6 pts.)


The web-quest includes the six elements of Bloom's Taxonomy for Cognitive Learning:
     Knowledge:  the students will arrange the music information obtained in the web-quest into catogories/genres for the theme park.
     Comprehension:  the students will  identify and locate musical themes for each category/genre defined in the web-quest assignment.
      Application:  the students will demonstrate their knowledge learned from the web-quest assignment to illlustrate the information in the themes they will display.
      Analysis:  the students will categorize the information into categories/genres of the theme park.
      Synthesis:  the students will assemble the information into each category/genre as they plan and organize the information.
      Evaluation:  the students will be to able to assess their work by using the grading criteria provided in the web-quest to determine if their work meets the grading criteria.

Process (The process is the step-by-step description of how students will accomplish the task.)

Clarity of Process
(0-4 pts.)

The  procedure in the web-quest was very clear, logical, and easy to navigate.
Scaffolding of Process
(0-6 pts.)
The there was no supporting information in the scaffolding process.  Therefore, it is up to the teacher to determine the amount of support needed to assist the students with the web-quest.

Richness of Process
(0-2 pts.)

The information that was provided in the process was very good and provided all the information for the students to complete their web-quest assignments.  However, the inconsistency of accessible information from the web links provided in the resource list of the web-quest was a major disadvantage to the whole process.

Resources (Note: you should evaluate all resources linked to the page, even if they are in sections other than the Resources block. Also note that books, video and other offline resources can and should be used where appropriate.)

Relevance & Quantity of Resources
(0-4 pts.)

 The links in the resource list were relevant, however, some of the links did not work.  In addition, some of the links would require additional time to research and locate information that would help the student obtain specific information for their web-quest assignment.  I think the students would become frustrated trying to locate the information they are searching for.

Quality of
(0-4 pts.)

Fair to very good resources were available.  Some of the links were very good and provided information that would be useful to the students.  Others were ambiguous and were difficult to locate specific information.  Much time would be spent trying to locate a link that provided the information the students were searching for.


Clarity of Evaluation Criteria
(0-6 pts.)

6 Outstanding.  The information provided in the grading criteria was very specific and would be easy for the students to understand what information should be in their assignments.

Total Score
(0-50 pts.)

I thought this web-quest has merit.  The strong points of the site are its interesting theme, teaching process, and grading criteria are excellent.  However, the biggest disadvantage ofo the site was using resource web links that were inconsistent in providing information that was readily accessible to the students.  Much time and effort would be required to dig out the information from some of these web sites. Other sites were very good to find information. It will be necessary for the teacher to provide strong support and locate other web links to make the this web-quest a successful endeavor.