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Power Point Presentation
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For List of References See Note 1.

  •   Notation Project (5%)

  •   Online Lesson Project Participation (5%)

  •   Listserv Reflection (5%)

  •   Software Review (10%)

  •   Website Review  (10%)  

  •   WebQuest Review (10%)

  •   Online Lesson (30%)      
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  •   Post-assessment essay (15%)

  •   Pre-assessment reflection: See table below. (10%)

Recommendations and Reflections

Pre-Assessment Reflection

1/24/2003  First Impression without review of the LOTI framework.  At the beginning of class on Thursday, January 21, 2003, I thought I was at level 3 in the handout we received.  I will update my assessment of my computer technology  literacy as soon as I complete my review of the LOTI assessment, .
1/26/2003  My impression after reviewing the LOTI framework.  I find that my computer literacy matches the description for Level 2. Much of my computer knowledge is in using different applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, email, and accessing the internet.

Join a Listserv

What benefits did you find in joining and participating in the class listserv?
I received some benefit but not a whole lot.   I was able to solve most of the problems I encountered on my own.  However,  I was able to provide some assistance to other students the had problems.  I also noticed that other students were able to communicate with each other to solve problems or questions they had.

Webpage URL


History of Jazz
Software Review

I thought the information provided in this program would serve as an Overview of Jazz history.  However, I would find it difficult to use in the classroom because there are no convenient stopping points to break down the course into units.

Music Software Review Completed.  Click Here to access evaluation.

Online Project Contribution Online Lesson: Project Contribution 100 %.  I performed all work on the project.
Notation Software
Notation Software Completed  Click Here to access document.

Website Review

  Online Music Theory Reference
by Jose Rodriguez Alvira

face face face face
I rated this website with a score of 97 out of 110 points.   

The information on this website can be used as a supplement for a Music Theory class.  Students can use the information and exercises to practice and review music theory concepts taught in class.

Website Review completed.  Click Here to access document.

WebQuest Review
Music Adventure
by Jolene Oswald

I rated this webquest with a score of 38 out of 50 points.

I thought this webquest has merit.  The strong points of the site are its interesting theme, teaching process, and grading criteria are excellent.  However, the biggest disadvantage of the site was using resource web links that were inconsistent in providing information that was readily accessible to the students.  Much time and effort would be required to dig out the information from some of these web sites. Other sites were very good to find information. It will be necessary for the teacher to provide strong support and locate other web links to make the this web-quest a successful endeavor.

Webquest Review completed.  Clich Here to access document.

Online Music Lesson

Composers of the 20th Century
Online Lesson by
Jim Garcia

Click HERE  to access

Grade Level: High School Music Students

This lesson is designed as a supplement for music directors in providing music history to their students without spending valuable rehearsal time.  

The students will research twentieth century composers and write a two page report which includes the biography of a twentieth century composer and a discography of the composer's major works.

In addition, the students will be required to write the assignment using the Modern Language Association (MLA) documentation format.  

Note:  Collaboration with the high school English teacher will be required to assist students in writing their assignment in MLA format.

Post-Assessment Reflection

1) I found that my growth and development have improved significantly in the use of technology for music education.  I can now create and maintain my own website for the purpose of using technology in teaching music to students.  

2) I have two major goals in using technology in the future.  The first area is to create a personal website for my professional portfolio.  The second area is to create additional online music lessons for students to access.  

In order to accomplish these goals, I will need to further my knowledge in using a software application other than Netscape to create my web pages.  The formatting limitations of Netscape limits my ability to create interesting looking web pages using graphics and arranging them in the location I desire.  When I was working on the online lesson assignment, I found I needed to work around some of these limitations and needed to arrange the screen graphics in a different arrangement from what I desired.

3)  My plans are to create on-line music lessons as a supplement to existing music classes.  Most likely the lesson will be a project during a grading period with small groups of students working together on the project.  

The reason for using small groups of students is so they can help each other overcome the technological obstacles that are inherent in using the internet to access information for the music lesson.  

Some of these obstacles will be frustrating for the students.  For example, access to the internet from home may be a problem depending on the type internet access the students have.  Students with dial-up access will encounter the greatest frustration because of the slow speed that data is transferred from the web.  Another obstacle is the different levels of computer literacy among the students.  Working in groups will help the students in these areas.

Note 1
Wiebe, Joanna. "Beyond OpenDoc vs. OLE: The Future of Component Architecture." Home Journal n. d.. 24 April 2003 <http://www.homepagejournal.com/919278899/>

Background musictile image from Pat's Web Graphics Homepage.
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